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Use italics in places you normally can't, like social media posts and bios, instant messages, and moreโ€ฆ

Thanks, I guess?

Simply type somthing below, click to copy, then paste wherever you want!

How the heck does this work?

Short answer: Unicode.

Slightly longer answer: It takes advantage of the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Unicode block. A set of characters that fulfill Mathematiciansโ€™ need for consistent styles in their equations.

What is Unicode?

Unicode is the standardized system of computer characters. Read a better explaination here.

When should I use this tool?

Anywhere you want to use italics but typically canโ€™t; for instance, you may want to use some Chandler-esque sarcasm on Instagram. Could that be anymore useful?

You might want to emphasize a word, or correctly format a citation in a tweet:

According to the original 1891 patent, toilet roll should hang over, notย under.

Wrapping or Toilet Paper Roll โ€” Patent No 459,516 | S. Wheeler

Without italics none of this subtlety would be possible.

Let me know if you find any more uses for this tool, as Iโ€™d like to create a longer article!

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First Published โ€” 3 June 2019
Last Update โ€” 5 January 2020

by John Bartlet