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Beautiful Dingbats is a collection of tools, tricks, and articles to help you stand out online.

Why I made Beautiful Dingbats

Hi I’m John. I made this site because I was tired of getting so little traction for my online projects.

I used to make something, release it to the world, and then…nothing.

I have dreams, and a dog to feed. If I’m going to be a professional internet person, I need to prove I can make a really popular website.

A lot of my projects have been really bad and there was no mystery why they were unpopular, but here’s one I’m really proud of:

Prod — A thoughtful to-do list for google chrome.
Prod blocks addictive websites until you’ve finished your to-do list.

~ 2000 users — not too shabby.

These aren’t terrible numbers — but not great either. There are 7 billion people on the planet, and Prod only has 2000 users.

It’s frustrating and it got me asking questions:

Prod is good; people like it. So why do so few people use it?

No one likes eating Tide Pods. So how did that become a thing?

My useful and free product is less popular than eating detergent. What have I been doing wrong?

After doing a lot of research I came up with Beautiful Dingbats , it’s been around for about a year and has had around 2 million visitors!

I’ll be writing more about the process of coming up with beautiful dingbats and how it can be replicated to help you with your online endevours. (Just read Contagious by Jonah Berger)

What next?

I’m adding more tools and articles all the time — and have set up a few marketing experiments and growth hacks, that I’ll be writing about soon.

Do public bulletin boards actually work?

How to create a twitter bot to do your marketing for you. (and how to get it banned from twitter)

How to use optical illusions to get more clicks.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, or you just want to be notified when the next silly tool comes out. Sign up to the mailing list…

Who am I?

I’m john, a hermit with a good natured but badly behaved dog named Pan. I’m worried about the climate change and what the internet is doing to society, but I’m a bit too busy to do anything about it at the moment.

Feel free to contact me.

You can see more of my work and pictures of my dog at (it really needs updating).

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First Published — 12 November 2019
Last Update — 12 November 2019

by John Bartlet